2D Label Redesign

My goal for this project was to gather everything I had learned over the course of 1.5 years and attempt…

10 months ago


Updated the Smithsonian’s ADA guidelines design/illustrations and created a search functionality for exhibit designers.

12 months ago

Tactile Alphabet

This was a study in open-source resources as well as accessible design. Using Montessori educational resources, I developed a tactile…

12 months ago

Museums Are Not Neutral

Museums Are Not Neutral What Can Museums Do To Resist? // Google Doc Diversifying Museum Leadership 4 More Questions About…

12 months ago

Accessibility Research

ADA Americans with Disabilities Act and Architectural Barriers Act Accessibility Guidelines July 23, 2004 Smithsonian Accessibility Program What is ADA?…

12 months ago

Tools for Accessible Learning

GENERAL RESEARCH “Visual Perception Disorders in Children” // Lit Review, Mike Offord “Multisensory Activities to Teach Reading Skills” // Minnesota Literacy…

12 months ago