2D Label Redesign

My goal for this project was to gather everything I had learned over the course of 1.5 years and attempt…

7 months ago


Updated the Smithsonian’s ADA guidelines design/illustrations and created a search functionality for exhibit designers.

8 months ago

Tactile Alphabet

This was a study in open-source resources as well as accessible design. Using Montessori educational resources, I developed a tactile…

8 months ago

Museums Are Not Neutral

Museums Are Not Neutral What Can Museums Do To Resist? // Google Doc Diversifying Museum Leadership 4 More Questions About…

8 months ago

Accessibility Research

ADA Americans with Disabilities Act and Architectural Barriers Act Accessibility Guidelines July 23, 2004 Smithsonian Accessibility Program What is ADA?…

8 months ago

Tools for Accessible Learning

GENERAL RESEARCH “Visual Perception Disorders in Children” // Lit Review, Mike Offord “Multisensory Activities to Teach Reading Skills” // Minnesota Literacy…

8 months ago